PerAccess Contractor Management Software

Minimize the risks that may occur in your company's area of responsibility with the contractor occupational health and safety management system trusted by the largest industrial organizations...

Manufacturing & Logistics giants rely on PerAcess for a secure and streamlined contractor management process...

PerAccess Contractor Management

Increase your efficiency by digitally managing all your OHS processes, from your contractors' first entry to your facility to the performance evaluation of the work performed...
  • Contractor Document Management
    Start the process before contractor employees arrive at your facility and have their paperwork pre-loaded. Prevent delays and loss of time by managing all document tracking, reminder and control processes of contractors on a single platform.
  • Training / Onboarding Videos and Quizzes
    Avoid wasting time by ensuring that the training videos and quizzes that contractor employees must watch before entering your facility are watched.
  • Management of Contractors' Performance
    Evaluate the work performance of the contractor company and prevent any negative effects and costs that may arise by ensuring that the company, its employees and equipment are approved and prohibited.
  • Multiple Facilities & Authorizations
    We cover all the roles involced: Security Guard, Contractor Employees and Manager, Workplace Doctor, Occupational Safety Specialist and Contractor Supervisor... Ensure error-free management of the entire process by authorizing all responsible persons involved in the process. Track of nonconformities, prohibited equipment and companies, and contractor performance across facilities.
  • Ease of use via QR Codes
    Our user-friendly interface offers an integrated system that all stakeholders, from the door security team at the facility entrance to the contractor employees, can use without any problems. With the help of QR Code technology, automation is achieved, errors are minimized and time is saved.
  • OHS software at International Standards
    Manage your contractor management processes in compliance with a software compliant with Data Protection Regulation

Manage your contractor's OHS processes in 3 steps...

  • -Step 1-


    - Make job and job-specific document requests

    - Create template document groups specific to the contractor or job,

    - Provide E-mail and SMS reminders regarding all processes,

    - The contractor company uploads the documents to the system,

    - Approval and Rejection mechanism

  • -Step 2-


    - Carry out field inspections specific to the contractor's job via mobile,

    - Conduct contractor-specific checklist audits,

    - Record accidents in the system,

    - Follow up on non-conformities and actions regarding contractor operations,

    - Penalty management for the contractor company can be done in the system

  • -Step 3-


    - The contractor company can be made approved or banned,

    - Ability to approve or ban the contractor company's employees and equipment,

    - Score the perfermonce of the contractor

What Does Your Company Gain with PerAccess?
  • Easy to use with mobile application.
  • Prevents loss of valuable time by allowing the contractor to uploads his documents before arriving at the facility,
  • Contractor employees are allowed to watch special training & onboarding videos and complete quizzes.
  • Blacklisted companies, employees or equipment can be tracked by consolidating the work done by contractors in all your facilities
  • Documents are approved by relevant people and document loss is prevented.
  • Record nonconformities, accidents and dangerous situations in contractor processes in all your facilities.
  • The workload in the contractor management process is digitalized and transferred from your employees to the software.
  • Time savings by creating template document groups specific to the contractor or job
  • E-mail and SMS reminders prevent unnessary loss of time .
  • Save time by preventing double-uploading of documents
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